About Us

There has been a village hall in Picket Piece since 1948. The idea for a village call came from an air raid shelter which was located in one of the villagers' back gardens. During the war the wardens used the shelter as a place to play darts against villagers. After the war ended the villagers decided they would still like to have a place within the village that they could gather together so they saved up to buy a hut. Having saved to buy a hut the villagers had not planned where they would put this. A gentleman by the name of Curley Marchment came to the rescue and gifted his land to the residents of Picket Piece, this is the land on which the hall sits today. The original hall was an asbestos nissen hut with a brick front and only had outside toilets, in the early 70's toilets were finally incorporated onto the rear of the hut.

nissunIn the late 70's the hall was becoming tired and needed updating so villagers decided that this would be a great time to build a new brick hall. After much fundraising, money from the local council and a donation from TVS enough money was raised to build a brand new hall. This is the hall you see today. On the last night before the old hall was knocked down the Picket Piece youth group were allowed to go in and practice their spray painting techniques!

The new hall was opened in 1985 by Lord Denning from Whitchurch. The old and new halls have seen many events and clubs over the years. The village hall has been home to football teams, pool teams, darts teams, table tennis teams and much much more.53246e5a65c89

53246e5a65c89Picket Piece Village Hall and Picket Piece Sports and Social Club are run by a committee of volunteers who are elected each year at the annual AGM. The committee decide on how the club should be run, how it should be updated and also hire a club steward. Many people on the committee grew up in the village and still live here today. Without these people and their hard work our club would not be here.

Our village hall has a long history and one of which we are very proud. Our club is still here because it gives our village, our neighbours, our friends and family a safe and fun environment to spend their time, the more the club is used the more we can invest, maintain and improve it for you. So, come and visit us, we would love to see you.

A few more facts:

  • In the 80's Picket Piece had a village newsletter called "The Pump" named after the pump in the village hall grounds.
  • Picket Piece Village Hall is used as a polling station.

Some of us who help run this website are too young to have many memories of the village or Picket Piece Village Hall. If you have any more facts or stories please email us, we would love to hear them and share them on our site.