On Monday 4th August 2014 Picket Piece Village Hall held an open meeting to discuss the potential funding for a local community centre.

Simon Potter, Chairman of Picket Piece Sports and Social Club opened the meeting and explained that as part of Section 106 of the Town & Country Planning Act (1990) David Wilson Homes, who are building in the village, are required to supply funding for a ‘Community Centre’.

The Chairman explained that as a village we would have two options. A new community centre built, which would be situated within the new development area or the funding can be applied to the existing Village Hall to help improve and develop what is already in place.It was explained that until the funding is awarded, there are no definite plans on what form the improvements would take.

46 people attended the meeting which were made up of village residents and Picket Piece Sports and Social Club members. Everyone who attended was asked to vote on either the funding to be allocated to a new building or to be awarded to Picket Piece Village Hall.

The vote was made in favour of awarding the money to Picket Piece Village Hall.

Majority Vote for funding



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