With the increasing number of houses being built in Picket Piece the Picket Piece Sports and Social Club committee started to discuss how they could best communicate with these people. In addition they wanted to be better at telling members and potential hirings about how great the club is and what it had to offer. With this in mind they decided a new website was needed. The website was launched on 28th March 2014.

Simon Potter, Chairman of Picket Piece Sports and Social Club said: “By creating a new website we are now able to quickly and effectively communicate with our members, neighbours and local community. Picket Piece has had a Village Hall since 1948 and we hope it is here for years to come, in order to maintain the success of the club we must continue to tell people about what we do”

Katie Fluen, Media Officer of Picket Piece Sports and Social Club added: “A website is a must for any business operating in a time where more research and purchasing is carried out on-line than ever before. The website is a key tool in our marketing portfolio and will help keep people updated on events, news and much more. We have tried to keep our website informal and friendly to best suit our audience.”

We would like to say a special thanks to Jon Newlyn of Tickling Trout® for helping with the new site.

New website for the community



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